In addition to all stock portfolios we also manage balanced portfolios. We will personalize your portfolio to match your specific investment objectives. For example, you may be looking for income and/or reduced risk; we will then invest in more high-quality, income-producing and less-volatile financial instruments, with the balance being invested in stocks for growth. The agreed upon proportion, of course, varies depending on your specific investment objectives.

For our stock selection methodology for our balanced portfolios please see our stock selection methodology tab.

For the fixed income portion of the portfolio we may buy corporate bonds, Treasury bonds, municipal bonds, quality utility stocks, preferred stocks and/or high-dividend paying stocks. The best time to own bonds is when long-term interest rates are falling and this is confirmed by declining commodity prices and subsiding inflationary pressures.

Conversely, bonds perform poorly when inflationary pressures intensify and the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy is too restrictive which in turn pushes interest rates higher. This is when we would likely sell fixed income securities or shorten our maturities.



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