Your investment objectives are our priority.

In your initial consultation with Sadoff Investment Management LLC, we will discuss your financial situation, financial and life goals, and investment objectives (growth, balanced, income needs, risk tolerances, etc.). We then will incorporate our strategy to meet your personal investment objectives. This is an ongoing process because your objectives may change over time.

We never touch your assets.

Your assets are held at an independent bank or brokerage firm. When you make a deposit into your account, send your check directly to your custodian. When you need money call us, and we will make the funds available at your custodian. All of your investments are liquid and are available to you, at any time, without penalty.

No conflict of interest.

As an unbiased, independent fee-based investment advisor we have no conflict of interest. We are partners with our clients because your best interests are our best interests.

You can cancel our services at any time, for any reason.

Just let us know. Your assets are with your custodian and you can then do with the funds whatever you need to do. That said, we have built long-lasting relationships by creating trust and continuously reinforcing our belief that client service is important.

We are an integral part of your financial team.

We are willing to meet and work with your accountant, estate planner and/or insurance planner. We can assist you with any questions related to your finances. We have an expertise in working with retirees, business owners, divorcees, widows, trusts and foundations.

You will receive continual reports.

You are sent timely confirmation of all transactions, monthly statements and have online web access (from your custodian) detailing the status of your account. You will always know what is in the account and what changes are taking place (unlike a mutual fund). You will also receive our monthly client newsletter, which outlines the reasons behind our current investment outlook.

Our strategy is easy to monitor.

You can contact us at any time to discuss our outlook and ask questions. We will prepare a performance report showing your portfolio results compared to its benchmark. Additionally, for taxable accounts, we will send you a year-end gains and loss report to assist you with your taxes.

We believe the only way to earn big profits in the stock market is to buy and hold good-quality companies as long as they are tracking well. This strategy benefits our clients by reducing commissions and lowering taxes, saving you money.

For additional information regarding our client services please contact us.



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